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Import and export of China's seeds and agricultural products in March 2023

2023/5/31 15:24:54

In Jan.–March, a total of 38.06 million tonnes of grain was exported to China, up by 4.6% YoY,  in accordance with data released by the General Administration Customs of the People's Republic of China on 13 April.

In March, China has imported roughly 11.67 million tonnes of grian, slashed by 7.19% YoY, in accordance with data released by the General Administration Customs of the People's Republic of China on 13 April. In Jan.–March, a total of 38.06 million tonnes of grain was exported to China, up by 4.6% YoY;

In terms of different types of grain, from Jan. to March:

  • China imported 23.02 million tonnes of soybean, 60.5% of the total imported;
  • China imported 9.72 tonnes of corn, barley and sorghum, 25.5% of the total imported;
  • China imported 5.31 million tonnes of wheat and rice, 14% of the total imported;

Table China's imports of grains in Mar. 2023, tonne

HS codeDescriptionMar. 2023Jan-Mar. 2023Jan-Mar. 2022MOMYOY
12019011 & 12019019Soybean6,853,02523,024,18620,280,631-2.68%13.53%
10019900 & 10011900Wheat1,315,7954,308,5773035633.213-12.69%41.93%
10063020 & 10064080 & 10064020Rice393,0471,003,7871,657,26610.34%-39.43%

Source: GACC and CCM

In March, China exported 680.09 tonnes of seeds of soybean, corn and vegetable with USD16,082,869, decreasing by 1.05% YoY. Meanwhile. China imported 1,040.23 tonnes of seeds with USD23,547,214, plunging by 27.39% YoY.


In terms of various seeds:

  • China imported 98.47 tonnes of corn seed with USD2,232,183, surging by 2,104.91% MoM, and exported 60.95 tonnes of corn seed with USD94,215, edging down by 6.26% YoY;
  • China exported 16.42 tonnes of soybean seed with USD53,225, jumping by 56.43% MoM;
  • China imported 213.83 tonnes of seeds of tomato, broccoli, onion, spinach and carrot with USD10,809,006, climbing up by 14.07% YoY, and exported 93,573 tonnes of vegetable seeds with USD5,177,804, slashed by 41.45% MoM;
  • China imported 727,932 tonnes and exported 509,139 tonnes of other vegetable seeds with USD10,506,025 and USD10,757,625, rising by 17.95% and 47.84% MoM, respectively.

Table Exports and Imports of seeds in China

HS codeDescriptionExport/Import

Volume, kg

Value, USDMOM (by value)
12011000Soybean seedExport16,42353,22556.43%
10051000Corn seedExport60,95294,215-6.26%
12099110Carrot seedExport15,425531,46917.65%
12099120Broccoli seedExport61,871-37.82%
12099140Onion seedExport1,47276,512-70.18%
12099150Spinach seedExport2,10311,5622706.31%
12099130Tomato seedExport74,5674,556,390-43.97%
12099190Other vegetable seedExport509,13910,757,62547.84%

Source: GACC and CCM

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