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China's glyphosate exports drop, and prices plummet

Due to the COVID-19 spread, China witnessed a reduction in export orders during February. According to the import & export analytical data of the General Administration of Customs of the People's ... Read more>>


China’s titanium dioxide imports and exports in January and February 2020

According to the data given by Chinese customs, in January 2020, China’s titanium dioxide imports hit 9,200 tonnes, a decrease of 26.18% compared to one year prior, and a decrease of 46.57% ... Read more>>


Maersk suspends crew replacement due to spread of COVID-19 virus

Maersk, a global transportation giant, decided to suspend the replacement of the crews working on container vessels in operation for 4 weeks. With the global spread of COVID-19 virus, there is even a ... Read more>>


China receives normal import of Soybeans from Brazil, planning to increase imports from the USA

It is reported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China that the import of soybeans from Brazil into China runs normally at the moment with little impact. March even saw a ... Read more>>


Methomyl export prices and volumes increase during December 2019

Methomyl is a broad-spectrum insecticide that is used in agriculture to kill insects that interfere with crop production. China is a large producer of methomyl, and many countries around th ... Read more>>


COVID-19 impact on China’s automobile industry

Summary: Domestic automobile industry delayed time of resumption, postponed launch plans, and faced shortage of components and weak performance in real economy due to the current epidemic c ... Read more>>


European Union lists titanium oxide as a suspected carcinogen

On February 18, the European Union passed a piece of regulatory legislation regarding titanium dioxide. This legislation states that according to the European Union Classification, Labeling, and Pack ... Read more>>


Yifan Pharmaceutical responds to new coronavirus’s influence on vitamin export

On 3 February, Yifan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Yifan Pharmaceutical) held a teleconference with investors to state the impact of the pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus on the company's vitamin e ... Read more>>


Analysis about influence of PHEIC on import and export of Chinese lithium products

Summary: The announcement of PHEIC may have an impact on import and export of Chinese lithium products, and may slow down the benign processing of raw material at all ... Read more>>


Impact of improved quality and safety management system on the exports of cooked poultry from China

Quality and safety was the biggest challenge for the Chinese industries in the past. Quality and ingredient scandals specifically related to food such as the 2008 milk scandal, po ... Read more>>


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