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Average export price of methomyl rises by 19.65 percent YoY in June 2019

2019/9/10 16:52:21

According to the Import & Export data from China Customs and CCM, June 2019 witnessed a double-digit increase in the average export price of methomyl. Meanwhile, the export price of methomyl TC experienced a sharper growth, compared with that of methomyl formulation.

As more statistics demonstrate, the average export price of methomyl products reached USD12.42/t in June 2019, increased by 19.65% in comparison with the same month last year. With a sharper rise by 27.90% YoY, methomyl TC had an average export price of USD13.92/t. In contrast, the average export price of methomyl formulation was USD11.79/t, with a year-on-year growth of 15.95%.

In terms of the export volume, a total volume of 826,732 kg methomyl products was exported from China in June 2019. A higher growth rate of 10.20% was witnessed when compared with the same period last year. Notably, the total export volume of methomyl formulation got to 386,857 kg, dramatically increased by 24.30% YoY. However, despite a slight growth by 0.20%, only 439,875 kg of methomyl TC were exported from China in June 2019, almost at the same export volume in June 2018. 

(Note: the methomyl TC products mentioned in this article refer to 98% methomyl TC. The methomyl formulation products in this article include 10% methomyl WP, 20% methomyl EC, 40% methomyl SPX and 90% methomyl SPX. Similarly hereinafter. )


Asia and South Africa become the major destinations for exports of methomyl TC and methomyl formulation products

In the aspect of export destinations, 26 regions and countries, to which methomyl TC and methomyl formulation products were imported, are on the list. 

It is shown in the statistics from China Customs that methomyl TC was mainly exported to three destinations, Brazil, Israel as well as Taiwan included. Among those destinations, a total volume of 278,600 kg methomyl TC was imported to Brazil, accounting for 63.34% of the total export volume of methomyl TC.

By contrast, methomyl formulation was exported from China to 23 destinations totally, among which the top 5 go to Thailand, PeruParaguay, Indonesia and Chile. According to the data, 203,575 kg of methomyl formulation were exported to those 5 destinations, representing 52.62% of the total export volume of methomyl formulation.


40 Chinese enterprises in total participate in exporting methomyl products in June 2019

There are 40 enterprises in China that exported methomyl products in June 2019, among which 9 enterprises were engaged in exporting methomyl TC, while 34 enterprises dealt with export business of methomyl formulation.

The top 3 enterprises for methomyl TC exports in June 2019 include Shandong Huayang Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Changlong Agrochemical Co., Ltd. and Jiangxi Haili Guixi Chemical Pesticide Co., Ltd. The export volume amounted to 309,600 kg in all, accounting for 70.38% of the total export volume of methomyl TC. As for methomyl formulation, 207,077 kg products were exported from the top 10 enterprises on the list of the data from China Customs. This export volume represented 53.53% of the total export volume of methomyl formulation. By the way, the top 33 exporters of methomyl formulation were respectively Qingdao Runnong Chemical Co., Ltd., Shandong Huayang Technology Co., Ltd. and Limin Chemical Co., Ltd.

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