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China's import and export statistics for thousands of commodities by HS Code and Product Name

If you are interested in a detailed import and export analysis of your commodity, why not leave us a message in the Contact Us section so we can serve your business. You can also register at our online trade platform IE Wizard to benefit from product and company analysis in visualized reports.

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China ends anti-dumping tariffs on pyridine imports from India and Japan


Average export price of methomyl rises by 19.65 percent YoY in June 2019


According to the Import & Export data from China Customs and CCM, June 2019 witnessed a double-digit increase in the average export price of methomyl. Meanwhile, the export price of methomyl TC experienced a sharper growth, compared with that of methomyl formulation.

CAC 2020 (21st China International Agrochemical& Crop protection Exhibition)

FIC 2020 (Food ingredient China 2020)

Supplyside East

Ingredients Russia

CPhi Japan

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Impact of improved quality and safety management system on the exports of cooked poultry from China


Quality and safety was the biggest challenge for the Chinese industries in the past. Quality and ingredient scandals specifically related to food such as the 2008 milk scandal, poisonous Jinhua ham, counterfeit baby formula, and many more in the past negatively impacted industries and the trust of many international and domestic buyers, and consumers.

Chinese Tilapia Market and impact of US tariffs on its Cost:


China is the world’s largest producer of the world and its market has been forecasted to reach 1.8 million tons in 2019, an increase of around 500,000tones compared to last year. In 2018, farmers ramped up production in the second half of the year and at the start of 2019 in order to ship the volume before the expected effective date of the tariff hike in December and then in March.

China extends anti-dumping duties on Chicken from Brazil:


Earlier 2019 Chinese Ministry of Commerce announced the extending of anti-dumping duties on imported white feather broilers and chicken products that are originated from Brazil. According to the statement issued by the commerce ministry, the Chinese importer of Brazilian chicken will be required to pay deposits ranging from 18.8% to 38.4% of the value of their shipment.

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